martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Fundación Senda Darwin

Darwin's Footpath Foundation works in Chiloe to preserve local wildlife and is where biological investigations in ecology and biodiversity are conducted. The center sits just North of Ancud city, and has worked to promote management and conservation of forests and species, such as a local wild cat, called la huina. They determined that the cat needs a territory of at least 300 hectares to continue its typical hunting patterns. They are also interested in protecting the native terrestrial bird, the chucao. However, their main focus is the conservation of old growth forest while balancing the needs of the locals. For example, the Cypress tree is excellent for building water-proof roofs, but because of this it has become an endangered species of plant. Now the Cypress is protected by Chilean law.

The group also possess's its own private reserve to conduct ecological investigations. Supposedly, this is where Darwin spent some time when the Beagle visited Chiloe in 1834. They believe their findings are immediately pertinent to the preservation of resources on the island, and work to further educate the local population on subjects such as Darwin.

Spencer Castro

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