jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Rap Guide to Evolution

Perhaps inspired by or perhaps the inspiration of previous Stanford classes on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, Baba Brinkman explains the theory in a whole new way. He has a masters degree in English and uses it to rap to students while expousing the theory of natural selection and evolution as first theorized by Charles Darwin. Topics of his raps include mitochondria, genetic drift, sexual selection, and meme. His goal for the raps is not only to entertain and educate but to show that evolution is something that should be embraced and celebrated rather than feared.

The language of the raps are witty, up-to-date, and for the most part scientifically accurate. He not only pokes fun at creationists but also scientists, the audience, himself and hip hop in general. For one educated on the subject, there are many modern jokes and new lingo terms to learn. For someone new to the theory, it is very easy to learn a thing or two. He is a canadian who has been touring in Europe but will be in New York for a few days this week.


Zach Ming

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