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Isaac Newton – Intelligent Falling

Charles Darwin wanted to be the Isaac Newton of Biology. He wanted to turn Biology into a testable science similarly to what Newton did for the field of Physics. For this reason, I am going to dedicate my “New and Hots” this week to finding out what is both NEW and HOT in relation to this physicist who has been dead for almost 300 years and his influence on Mr. Darwin.

This link between Darwin and Newton is recognized in the modern media. In an article back in 2005, The Onion, a notorious joke newspaper, reported that Evangelical Scientists refute gravity saying that what the force that Newton classified as gravity, is actually God pushing people down. They act of God pushing people down is referred to as, Intelligent Falling. The article jokes about the idea of a group of scientists demanding that Intelligent Falling and Gravitational Force as possible explanations for how everything does not float into space. The repeated line from these scientists is that this “force” of gravity is actually the force of God.

This, of course, is all done to draw a comparison between this fake alternative theory to gravity and the actual controversy going on in public schools around the country about whether Evolution and Intelligent Design should be taught side by side as equally valid theories. Evolution and gravity are two foundational principles of science, but gravity is much more universally accepted throughout the world. By drawing this comparison to evolution, the article hopes to point out how ridiculous it is to question either one of them.

Even, with both scientists long dead, their discoveries stand together as fact in the scientific community.

Full Article: http://www.theonion.com/articles/evangelical-scientists-refute-gravity-with-new-int,1778/

Darwin Rocks. Newton Helped.


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