martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Senda Darwin!

Hola todos!

This weekend we discovered people continuing the good work of Chuckie D down in Chiloe- La Fundación Senda Darwin ( They are a group of scientists and educators working to research, conserve, and teach the biology and ecology of Chiloe. They have a biology field station and nature center just outside of Ancud in northern Chiloe, and a bunch of trails that you can walk on (and biologists standing around that will tell you interesting things if you ask nicely). Most of their trails are not terribly well-marked, and/or flooded, and/or lead to places where I don't think we were technically supposed to go, but it's still a pretty cool place and the people there are very friendly and interested in Darwin, ecology, etc. They also apparently have the Darwin frog there, but we couldn't find one :(


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